Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vmware Basics

Different Virtualization products ?
VMWare ESX,ESXi,Workstation,Fusion etc.
Hyper-V 1.0,Hyper-V 2.0
Citrix Xen server
Virtual server 2005 R2,VPC 2007
Oracle VM

Difference between ESX,ESXi?
- The functionality and performance of VMware ESX and ESXi are the same; the difference between the two hypervisors resides in their packaging architecture and operational management. VMware ESXi is the latest hypervisor architecture from VMware. It has an ultra thin footprint with no reliance on a general-purpose OS, setting a new bar for security and reliability.
- In the future, ESXi’s superior architecture will be the exclusive focus of VMware's development efforts.
- New and existing customers are highly encouraged to deploy ESXi. Many Fortune 100 companies have already standardized on the ESXi platform.
-ESX has Service console to manage baremetal but same limited like a Firmware in ESXi to make it more secure.
-ESX have a host vCLI but ESXi have only remote scripting environment of CLI
-ESX supports kickstart kind of scriptable installation same not available in ESXi
-ESX supports Active directory integration through third party agents.but ESXi won't support
-ESX supports VI Webaccess but ESXi won't

What is hypervisor?
Its more than a program component which get installed on a host server. The hypervisor presents to the guest operating systems a virtual operating platform and manages the execution of the guest operating systems. Multiple instances of a variety of operating systems may share the virtualized hardware resources. it can be bare metal ( runs above hardware directly & all VMs runs a layer above it.) or hosted ( runs as part of a conventional OS)

Different licenses in ESX?
ESXi Single server,Essentials,Essential plus,Standard,Advanced,Enterprise,Enterprise plus.

- ESXi can be acquired at no charge on (no buying). ESXi can be acquired for a (generally nominal) fee from a server vendor.
- vSphere can be purchased from VMware or many VMware partners.
- Likewise, vCenter can be purchased from VMware or many VMware partners.
- You can download and install the ESXi single server hyper-visor for free.But to manage it, you need vSphere or vCenter.
- vSphere is available for free as a 60 day trial.
- Vsphere has a Physical CPU Based Licensing

What are the different products of VMware ?

Datacenter products:- 
VMware Vsphere Server / ESX Server / ESXi Server
 VMware vCenter Server
Datacenter Extensions Products
VMware vCOPS (vCenter Operations Manager )
VMware SRM ( Site Recovery Manager )
VMware Orchastrator
Cloud Products:
VMware vCloud Director
VMware vCloud Connector
Desktop/ End users products
VMware ThinApp
VMware Fusion
VMware workstation
VMware ACE
VMware Player

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